Dana Hollinger, J.D.

CA Insurance Lic#0C54492 (1999 to Present)

Calpers - Member of the Board of Administration

The California Public Employees' Retirement System manages retirement benefits for more than 1.6 million California public employees, retirees, and their families. the fund currently has assets of over $300 billion across all investment sectors. As of June 30, 2012, CalPERS provided pension benefits to over 1.1 million active and inactive members and over 513,000 retires, beneficiaries and survivors. CalPERS manages health benefits for nearly 1.3 million members.

Why focus on helping women?

My goal is to empower women through education. This enables women  to preserve and protect their financial security and ultimately, their well-being.

Improving women’s lives through education and informing them of the potential pitfalls they may face–and how to avoid them–helps elevate the standard of living for families everywhere.  When you elevate women, you elevate society.

Why smart men choose a female life insurance agent

  1. When you get two Alpha males together one has to be on top.  This does not always lead to the best result.
  2. A woman's focus will be on providing the correct product, not the product with the highest commission.
  3. Women have been society’s caregivers and thus bring a different perspective, focused on children, education and health. Combining two perspectives by having a woman as your life insurance agent will enable you to be more efficient and effective in your planning and will provide insight into how your family will view and handle any structure.
  4. It’s easier for men to open up to a woman regarding their health and financial concerns.  The normal competitive nature of their relationships with other men will not come into play.
  5. At any meeting, seeing another woman in the room will be a source of comfort to their wife. She will know that there is someone across the table that understands and is sensitive to her concerns and well-being.  People do not feel comfortable using advisors, working with organizations, firms or belonging to political parties where they do not see people who look like them.  The internal messaging is that they may not likely understand their issues.


Admitted to Practice in Federal Court – 1994
Southwestern University School of Law, Juris Doctorate, Law – 1984
State Bar of California – 1984
Admitted to the State Bar of California; American University, Bachelor of Arts – 1980

Groups and Associations:

  • Women Leadership Board Member, Executive Committee to the JFK School at Harvard from 2004-present
  • Advisory Board Member to American University School of Government in Washington D.C., 2001 to present
  • Executive Committee of the Bankruptcy Section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, 1988-1992
  • Women Insolvency Professionals, member from 1988 to 1992
  • Finance Committee of the Los Angeles Free Clinic and Instructor at the Los Angeles Free Clinic specializing in Chapter 7 bankruptcy counseling, 1985 to 1991
  • Beverly Hills Bar Association, member, 1985 to 1991
  • Women’s Lawyer Association of Los Angeles, member, 1985 to 1990

Honors and Awards:

  • The Suzanne Mubarek Women’s International Peace Movement and the Women’s Leadership Board of Harvard, “Towards Peace and Prosperity, Women: Engines of Change”, 2006
  • Harvard University Women’s Leadership Board, 2004-2012
  • Orange County’s United Way Women’s Philanthropy Fund and the Alexis de Tocqueville Society of the United Way in Los Angeles
  • Founding Board Member of the Women’s Leadership Council in Los Angeles (WLC)
  • Ms. Hollinger was personally selected by John Anderson of the Anderson School of Business and noted Philanthropist to join a group of 30 leading business women and female philanthropists’ 2000-2010
  • Presidents Club Lincoln Benefit Life, 2004
  • Top 50/PMLI (Provident Mutual Life Insurance) 2002 & 2003
  • WHO’S WHO In American Law, 1990-1991

Publications and Speaking Engagements:

"Rescuing Split Dollar"

  • Ms. Hollinger was part of a panel of experts speaking on why Split dollar might need rescuing. Term charges are too high or will become too high. Deemed gift after this year could cause a taxable transfer for income, gift and GST. Trustee has not propertly accounted for the economic benefit (EB). Old policies are under performing. Four Seasons Baltimore October 2, 2012

"Planning Your Liquidity Event"

  • Ms. Hollinger was part of a panel of experts speaking on Buy Sell and Business Succession to an audience of CEO's and CFO's of middle market companies.  May 2012

"The Business Case for "Closing the Revenue Gender Gap"

  • Ms. Hollinger was a featured speaker to Broads Circle executive women's networking group. Ms. Hollinger spoke in her role on the executive committee to the Women's Leadership Board to the Harvard Kennedy School on the research they fund to close gender gaps.  April 17, 2012

"Closing Gender Gaps New Insights"

  • Ms. Hollinger spoke on what women in business need to know as it relates to their gender and getting ahead. She spoke on the research being done in her role on the Executive Committee to the Women's Leadership Board to the Kennedy School at Harvard.  March 29, 2012

"Taxes Matter: Life insurance as an asset class"

  • Ms. Hollinger was a featured author in the Los Angeles Daily Journal. January 26, 2012.

"How to Save for Retirement with Asset Protected Tax-deductible Dollars"

  • Ms. Hollinger was a featured author published in Physician’s Money Digest. February 2010

"Generational Split Dollar Technique and How are You Managing Longevity Risk"

  • Ms. (Goldinger) Hollinger was a featured speaker in Las Vegas, Nevada. EPlanners is a group of estate tax lawyers throughout the country who handle estates in excess of $20 Million. February 2010.

"Income Tax for Top Earners May Soon be Raised" 

  • Ms. Hollinger was a featured author published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

"How To Retire on Money You Did Not Pay the Government"

  • This seminar describes one of the best tax-advantaged planning opportunities available to business owners. Ms. Hollinger was a featured speaker with Carol Schaner to the American Women Society of CPAs. February 2009.

"Complying with the Prudent Trustee Rule"

  • Trust Owned Life Insurance: Issues and Decisions for Trustees. Ms. Dana (Goldinger) Hollinger, J.D. was a featured speaker to the Estate Planning Council of South Bay.  December 2008.

"Premium Financing Strategies and Trust Owned Life Insurance"

  • Issues Trustees Face Under the Uniform Prudent Investor Act and the impact of Current Developments in the Life Settlement Market Place.” Ms. (Goldinger) Hollinger, J.D. and Mr. Michael Sendowski, J.D., CPA were featured speakers to the Estate Planning Council of the San Fernando Valley. May 2008

"Utilizing Captives for the Efficient Acquisition of Life Insurance"

  • Ms. (Goldinger) Hollinger was a featured speaker to BNY Mellon’s Family Office Practice Group. January 2008.

"A New Framework for Family Business Succession Planning"

  • Ms. Goldinger was a featured speaker in an event co-sponsored by Santa Barbara City College. The discussion was of an effective planning model designed to help family business owners, their families and professional advisors deal with unique dynamics with managing and implementing family business succession planning.  November 2007

"Building a Bridge to Generation Two"

  • Ms. (Goldinger) Hollinger was a featured speaker to Whittier Trust on utilizing life insurance as a powerful vehicle to build the relationship with the second generation.  October 2007

"Life Insurance Premium Financing"

  • Featured speaker to the Estate Planning Council of San Gabriel Valley. January 2007

"Who Will Harvest Your Estate Plan Uncle Sam or Your Heirs?

  • Featured speaker to The Wine Industry Symposium Group at the 11th Annual Central Coast Insights Program to Vintner’s, Winery CFO’s, Banks and Growers.  March 2006

"An Estate Planning Check-up: How to Evaluate the Health of Your Estate Plan"

  • Featured panel speaker at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History to their major donorsOctober 2004

"Networking and Building Relationships"

  • Featured speaker to Women Law partners and associates about networking and building relationships at Jeffers, Mangels, Butler and Marmarro in Century City and via teleconference in San Francisco

"Executive Exit Strategies"

  • Featured speaker at Annual Forbes Conference to CEO’s and CFO’s of Public Companies.  September 2003

"Preparing for the Ultimate Liquidity Event: Your busineess, death and taxes"

  • A panel speaker on sponsored by Mellon First Business Bank at the Century Plaza Los Angeles and at Shady Canyon in Newport Beach.May 2003

"Driving Revenue: Turning up Fund Raising"

  • Dana Hollinger was a featured panelist on legacy planning and raising money for endowments. Morgan Stanley Non Profit Breakfast Series. May 17, 2013