Our Philosophy

To encourage and empower women to begin the conversation, to participate and to feel confident in the financial decisions that effect her life, the well-being of her family and her loved ones.

Empowering Women

  • Can you survive financially if your spouse or partner dies tomorrow?
  • How long can you stay in your home after the death of your partner?
  • Can you continue to pay the cost of private education and college tuition for your children?
  • How do you plan to live after 65?

There are 3,000 insurance companies. For the identical coverage, we’ve seen a 30% spread in cost from high to low–are you being helped or hurt?

The only differentiator is who represents you and their knowledge and experience in the marketplace.

Do you have someone finding the best coverage for you?

The Modern Family

Blended families, single mothers and fathers, domestic partners and same sex couples.